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Deliveries Made More Efficient Through BoxPlus Digital

Through BoxPlus Digital, site partners will be able to provide an efficient and smart service for the communities they serve


Once parcel has
been assigned to a door, the receiver will receive the
one-time pin for collection

Receiver can retrieve the parcel from the cabinet by typing the
one-time pin

Courier scans the waybill, inputs the mobile number of the receiver and chooses a door size for the parcel





Partner courier delivers the parcel through designated BoxPlus cabinet

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Why install BoxPlus cabinets in your building or site?

Optimize people’s lives by supporting a digital-first community with smart parcel locker systems


Efficiency is our Priority

With our goal to make BoxPlus Digital available to every Filipino, these smart parcel cabinets will support the growing e-commerce demands with its strong and robust API system. Through BoxPlus Courier, parcels are safer and more secure. Additionally, no additional manpower is needed to support parcel drop offs and collection, thereby, eliminating face-to-face interactions and reducing interruptions significantly.


The Growing Role of Convenience

Being time-poor means that convenience is now king. 83% of Filipinos share that convenience is more important now more than ever. Between commuting, work, school, and family, shopping needs to be done whenever needed - which means everything is on the go. BoxPlus Digital provides a win-win solution for site owners and their communities by putting convenience and security at the forefront, without the hefty costs.

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Real-Time Reports​​

Extend storage time, share with family members, and manage parcel deliveries all in one app. The BoxPlus Digital app provides real-time reports for consumers so they are able to track their deliveries and troubleshoot with just a click of a finger.

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