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Human Resource

Department open positions:

Hiring Manager | Training Associate | Research and Development Associate


Type of Work: Full time, On Site

  • Grows the human resources of the company by recruiting and developing the people inside the company

  • Grow the efficiency of existing organizational processes and procedures to enhance and sustain the organization's internal capacity

  • Supervision over company personnel

  • Develops and implements human resource strategies in accordance with the company's business strategies

  • Maintain human resources records by maintaining applications, rèsumès, and applicant logs

  • Maintain human resource records by maintaining applications, rèsumès, and applicant logs

  • Maintains manager and employee confidence by keeping human resource information confidential

  • Advising on pay and other issues, including promotion and benefits; administering payroll and maintaining staff records

  • Be the point person for platform-wide support escalations, working closely with internal teams and the customer through to issue resolution


  • Preferably with at least 4 to 5 years of human resource management including human resource metrics, database organization, negotiation, and presentation skills

  • Must have the following characteristics: high attention to detail, well-organized, excellent communicator, strong interpersonal skills, and keen record keeper

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